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    Should students support or 
    oppose the "Occupy" movement?
    Teaching about the Occupy movement
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  Since protesters began marching and camping in New York's financial district on September 17, debate has raged over what the "Occupy Wall Street" movement wants and whether its aims should be supported or opposed. "Occupy" protests have arisen across the country and abroad, sparking further debate. What are these protests about, and do you support or oppose them? Find out by watching C-SPAN video clips, reading articles on both sides of the issues, using our Occupy Wall Street Lesson Plan and engaging in a deliberation in your classroom. This site presents a balanced approach for teaching about the Occupy movement in your classroom.  

This video is about 3-minutes long.

Background information: Wikipedia;  New York Times "Times Topics"
Conflicting reports on demographics of the protesters: Christian Science Monitor report; Wall Street Journal poll
New update 11/29: Who are the Occupy protesters? USA Today; Tina Greigo (Denver Post)

SUPPORT the Occupy Movement  
This video is about 6 minutes long.
Website referenced in the video:

Articles supporting the Occupy movement:

· Occupy Wall Street: A Timely Call for Justice, Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

·· America’s Primal Scream, Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

··· Losing Their Immunity, Paul Krugman, New York Times
OPPOSE the Occupy Movement
This video is about 7 minutes long.
Article referenced in the video: Eugene Robinson

Articles opposing the Occupy movement:

· Are we the Wall Street Protesters?, Bill O'Reilly, Creators Syndicate

·· You want more equality? Support More Capitalism!, David Harsanyi, The Blaze

··· Wall Street’s Gullible OccupiersPeter Wallison, Wall Street Journal
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