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  WELCOME to C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations! This website is designed to engage students in classroom deliberations about current issues being debated in Congress. Here you will find a carefully selected set of C-SPAN primary source video clips and newspaper articles that concisely present the leading positions on a new issue each month. Teachers will find handouts, current events lesson plans, and deliberation strategies that make it easy to engage students in the issues.
C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations is produced by C-SPAN's Senior Fellows  more

  ISSUE -  How Should the United States respond to the Russian annexation of Crimea? ISSUE - 
Should the President be able to exercise executive powers as identified in the “take care” clause during times of Congressional gridlock?

Should Congress and the President pass legislation to raise the federal minimum wage? 
(Includes CBO Report Update)


How should the U.S. respond to the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria?

What Should Congress and the President do regarding Immigration Reform?
(Includes new Legislative Proposal Updates)

Should race be a factor in admission processes at publicly funded universities?

Should Congress enact new Gun Control/Safety Measures as recommended by President Obama? 

ISSUE:(Includes Supreme
Court Decision Update) Is the Health Care Reform Law Constitutional? 

Interactive Module

ISSUE: Fiscal Cliff (Legislation Update HERE)
What should Congress and the President do about the automatic tax increases and spending cuts that will go into effect on January 1, 2013 (the “fiscal cliff")? 

Photo by Brian - Bountiful, Utah, USA Wikimedia Commons


ISSUE: (Supreme Court Case Updates HERE)

Do state laws requiring photo ID for voters unfairly affect voter participation? 


Does money unfairly influence our political process?

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